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Siser TTD High Tack Mask

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Price: $45.00

Sku: TTDHT12-25

Siser TTD High Tack Mask

  • High tack adhesive 
  • Clear Heat Transfer mask
  • Releases once heat pressed
  • This item will not qualify for 2-Day Air Shipping so, if this is part of a bigger order, your entire order may ship standard ground
  • Formally known as Siser Evolution Mask - High Tack Adhesive   

12" Pricing:

25 yd roll = $45.00

20" Pricing:

25 yd roll = $65.00

50 yd roll = $121.90

29.5" Pricing:

25 yd roll = $95.50

50 yd roll = $182.00

GROUND ONLY shipping; will make your entire order ship 2-5 day ground.

DROP SHIP product; this material will be sent via ground shipping from Siser and will ship separately from your order.

Additional Instructions

1. Cut a piece of mask slightly wider than the image to cover 

2. Remove the paper backing from the mask and set aside 

3. Adhesive side up, place the mask down on a smooth firm surface

4. With the image facing down, center it on the mask, letting the middle drop down on to the adhesive, followed by the rest of the image 

5. Place your squeegee at a 45° angle over the center of the image

6. Using firm pressure, push the squeegee towards the outer edge of the image. This removes any trapped air between the image and the mask 

7. Repeat this process in several directions 

8. Lift a corner of the mask. Use a steady motion to separate the mask from the image

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  • Great mask for detailed transfers



    I have been using the regular paper transfer tape for years. High tack, medium , whatever I had around the shop. And I would have trouble when I was peeling the transfer from the liner to press. The paper tape would almost always separate from the transfer tape . Especially when I printed and then masked right away. If I let the prints dry over night or longer it helped. After watching a video of the high tack mask used on the same siser material I use , I saw how well it worked. So I ordered up a roll and it is great!! I can take a transfer right off the printer ,mask it and peal it to apply right away. As long as you have squeegeed it down really good than you will have no problems with it picking up even the smallest details. I just did a run of 50 shirts that had a tree line along the top edge of the transfer. It was amazing how well everything worked together! I still use the paper application tape on some transfers. But this stuff is much better and worth every penny. The time it saved me on the last order over using the basic application tape paid for itself.