Hotmark RevolutionPrint 15"


Hotmark Revolution in a wide format printable! This printable is very thin and stretchable making it look and feel great on Cotton, Polyester, and Nylon garments! Can be pressed a low temp of 245°F and peeled hot which means less scorch marks and quicker process for pressing your garments!

  • 15" width material
  • Thin (80 microns thick)
  • Stretchable
  • Easy to weed
  • Pressed at a low temp (245°F)
  • Adheres great to Cotton, Polyester, and Nylon
  • Solvent Inks

For your garment needs, we recommend Heat Transfer Clothing


15" Pricing:
22 yards= $146.00

  • DROP SHIP product; this material will be sent via ground shipping from Chemica and will ship separately from your order.

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