Supacolor Transfers and School Sports

Supacolor Transfers and School Sports

Jul 29th 2021

Ready to decorate garments for an entire sports team and fans? With Supacolor, there are very few limitations of what we can print. Supacolor has been wash tested to survive 50 plus washes. These transfers are made to last. That means Supacolor is perfect for sports teams. We offer different end results from Wearables, Sub Block, Soft Shell Blocker, Headwear, and Promotional to fit all your needs! You can use Supacolor for all of your sports team’s clothing from coach to player, shirts to chairs, Supacolor is the right move!!

Softshell Blocker

This type of transfer is great for softshell garments that have specific dye migration issues and require a special blocker.  This jacket would be perfect for sporting events. It is lightweight and can be folded and packed into its own front pocket for easy transportation.

Sub Block

These transfers are designed to stop dye migration in polyester or sublimated fabrics. They are perfect for dark garments that tend to have migration problems with their dyes.  These sweatshirts are great for cooler temperatures, the inside fleece is soft to the touch and keeps you warm, while not being too heavy. They would be great for practice, or representing the team out and about!!


Promotional transfers are intended for materials that aren’t going to be washed. They are great at adhering to a wide range of fabrics used for promotional items like bags, coolers, or  stadium chairs in this case. Fans will love a customized stadium chair!

If you are looking into providing clothing / gear for your local sports team, Supacolor is the way to do it. Time is money. With Supacolor, you save time by getting press-ready transfers to customize your merchandise. Whether you are the coach looking to save money with jerseys, clothing, or accessories for the team OR you’re a fan looking to buy matching shirts for the spectators, Supacolor transfers will ensure you get a winning look every time.

For more information about Supacolor transfers, check out our blog,  Supacolor Tips & Tricks or these videos!