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What Is Dye Sublimation?

What Is Dye Sublimation?

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Oct 24th 2019

Dye sublimation may sound intimidating, but we promise that it’s anything but. In short:

Sublimation ink can convert from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid form, which allows you to apply an image to specially coated materials using heat and pressure!

Simple enough, right? Although the process is easy to explain, there are some things to consider before you start!

Benefits of Dye Sublimation

With dye sublimation, you can print full colors, bright colors and multiple colors! When applying to garments, the ink is embedded into the fibers. This allows for the design to feel as if it’s part of the garment and not actually on the garment!

Getting Started

What kind of material should you print on?

You can ONLY use any polyester or polymer-coated substrates.

Some people may argue that sublimation will work on other substrates; however, we strongly recommend only using polyester or polymer-coated substrates.

It is important to note that you must purchase something that is already coated; this is not something you can do on your own. We sell a large variety of blanks that you can print on, though, so don’t limit yourself!

What can you make with dye sublimation?

If you’ve checked out the Dye sublimation paper, Printable Dye Sublimation Materials or Blanks on our website, you’ll see a selection of what you can do with sublimation!

Printable Dye Sublimation Materials are materials that can be dye sublimated on using Dye sublimation paper! These materials are to be applied using a heat press. Such materials include: flock, glitter and twill.

Another method of decorating garments is with Dye sublimation paper, any 100% light polyester garment will work! We recommend sticking with white to get the most color out of your design. The darker the clothing, the less you will be able to see your design.

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You can even sublimate on Siser Textured Glitter, or any glitter htv that is made out of polyester!

Dye sublimation paper is also needed for sublimating onto Blanks! Because you cannot fit objects into a dye sublimation printer, you first must print your design onto the paper, then transfer that design onto your blank of choice.

Just remember, you must use polyester or polymer-coated blank. Also, it is important that you must purchase something that is already coated. This is not something you can easily do on your own!

Create desk name plates for your office, custom business card holders, custom name badges, and coasters!

Create vivid displays on a HD photo panel featuring the most recent family picture, a custom license plate, keychains and puzzles!

You can even make ornaments that are perfect for any occasion!

What will you need?

For dye sublimation, you’ll ALWAYS need a Dye sublimation printer and a Heat Press!

The Virtuoso SG400 and SG800 sublimation printers are the two options provided on our website. Keep in mind that these printers can ONLY accept sheet sizes of paper/material. You may notice that many Printable Dye Sublimation Materials are NOT offered in sheet sizes. In that case, these materials require larger dye sublimation printers.

Any additional materials are dependent on what you will be creating! Remember:

Also, if you’re using Dye sublimation paper, you really don’t want the paper to move around when you’re pressing it. To help prevent this from happening, we strongly recommend using Thermo Tape. Use this to tape down your paper to ensure that it will not move!

If you’d like to see some dye sublimation in action, make sure to visit our YouTube Channel! Also, SUBSCRIBE so that you get notified when we post new videos!