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In this blog, we are going to discuss the difference between Siser EasyWeed and ThermoFlex Plus heat transfer vinyl. These are two very well trusted products within the garment decorating industry. They are both very easy to work with and highly durable!

We often say treat Siser EasyWeed and ThermoFlex Plus like Coke and Pepsi! They are very similar, yet have their own unique differences. ThermoFlex Plus has a true matte finish and comes in a large variety of colors. Siser EasyWeed has a semi-matte finish and it comes somewhat in the same color gamut.

Can't decide which one to choose? Let us help — we break down the differences below.

Siser EasyWeed vs. ThermoFlex Plus



Siser EasyWeed

ThermoFlex Plus



True Matte

Colors Available

43 Colors

**Number of colors are subject to change. Colors vary per width.

64 Colors

**Number of colors are subject to change. Colors vary per width.

Widths Available

12", 15", 20", 30"

15", 20", 30"


90 Microns

100 Microns

Adhering Materials


100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends, Leather, Neoprene    

**More materials may work. Testing is recommended.

Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends, Polyester/Acrylic blends, Linen, Wool, Lycra, Spandex, Neoprene

**More materials may work. Testing is recommended.




**Columbia Blue cannot be layered beneath anything

Pressing Temperature     

305° F

330° F

Pressing Time

10 - 15 seconds

15 seconds

Pressing Pressure

Medium, even pressure

Medium/firm, even pressure


Hot or Cold


Warm or Cold

**Light Blue Cold Only


Check out this video camparison! 

Both Siser EasyWeed and ThermoFlex also include other variations! Continue reading below to see what else you can bring to your creations by using Siser EasyWeed and ThermoFlex htv! 

*Please note that the specifications for these are not all identical to Standard Siser EasyWeed and ThermoFlex Plus as provided in the table above.

Metallic Finish

Many people assume that Heat Transfer Foils are the only products that can give your garments a metallic look. However, Siser EasyWeed Electric and ThermoFlex Plus Metallics will also do the trick! Siser EasyWeed Electric offer the same great benefits of regular EasyWeed, but with added amazing pearlescent metallic sheens and vibrant colors that will make all your designs pop - and these can be layered! Similar to these, ThermoFlex Plus Metallics is a great soft hand feel product that gives your garments that metallic look without the stiffness!

Siser EasyWeed Electric - Siser EasyWeed with a metallic finish

ThermoFlex Plus Metallics - As in the title, this is ThermoFlex Plus with a metallic finish

Bright Colors

Need to add a little pop of color to your garments so they better stand out? Siser EasyWeed Flourescents and ThermoFlex neons are both great solutions! Siser EasyWeed Flourescents are offered in a 12, 15 and 20 inch width with a variety of bright, eye-catching colors! ThermoFlex Neons will help your garments stand out with it's bright saturated color while keeping the same soft hand feel as ThermoFlex Plus.

Siser EasyWeed Flourescents - Siser EasyWeed in vibrant Fluorescent colors

ThermoFlex Neons - ThermoFlex in bright neon colors


If you’re looking to enhance or personalize your performance wear, try a thin, stretchy vinyl like Siser EasyWeed Stretch or ThermoFlex Stretch. Siser EasyWeed Stretch is 90 microns thick and can be layered. ThermoFlex Stretch is a little thicker at 100 microns thick. Just like standard ThermoFlex, it has a matte finish; however, ThermoFlex Stretch will not layer. Both of these vinyls will adhere to stretchy materials such as spandex!

Siser EasyWeed Stretch - A stretchable version of EasyWeed

ThermoFlex Stretch - A stretchable version of ThermoFlex Plus

For Nylon

It is very important to note that both standard EasyWeed and ThermoFlex cannot adhere to nylon and and other heat-sensitive materials. However, that is why EasyWeed Extra and ThermoFlex Xtra exist! At 85 microns thick, EasyWeed Extra offers a semi-gloss finish and can be layered. ThermoFlex Xtra is a little thicker at 100 microns, and some colors will not layer. Overall, both of these are great options for pressing on nylon and other heat-sensitive materials!

Siser EasyWeed Extra (Nylon) - A version of EasyWeed that can adhere to nylon. This is also available in EasyWeed Extra Fluorescents!

ThermoFlex Xtra (nylon) - A version of ThermoFlex Plus that can adhere to nylon


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