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Dye Sublimation blanks are fun, cost effective, and easy way to personalize your garments or hard surfaces. Heat Transfer Warehouse offers a range of different types of dye sublimation blanks from patches for hats and other garments to key chains and photo panels. We even offer blank koozies,  mouse pads, license plates, and even Polar Camel mugs! You can create these for upcoming events or special dates such as weddings or travel! We offer UNISUB dye sublimation blanks along with Polar Camel mugs, WALABlanks, and patches. Use your SG500 or SG1000 dye sublimation printers to print your designs and press onto these blanks!

All Dye Sublimation Blanks come white or silver and ready to press. All you have to do is create your design, print on your SG500 or SG800 Virtuoso Sawgrass printer, and press! Don't forget to use your teflon sheets to protect your heat press and thermo tape to keep your designs from shifting during press!

Types of sublimation blanks:
  1. Ceramic mugs: Ceramic mugs are a popular choice for sublimation printing. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be customized with designs or logos.
  2. T-shirts and apparel: T-shirts and other apparel items can be customized with sublimation printing. Polyester fabrics work best for sublimation printing, as the dye can bond with the fibers of the fabric.
  3. Phone cases: Phone cases can be customized with sublimation printing, allowing for unique designs and personalization.
  4. Mouse pads: Mouse pads can be customized with sublimation printing, allowing for unique designs and branding opportunities.
  5. Keychains: Keychains can be customized with sublimation printing, making them a great promotional item or gift.
  6. Coasters: Coasters can be customized with sublimation printing, allowing for unique designs and branding opportunities, Coasters come in cork, glass and slate.
  7. Aluminum panels: Aluminum panels can be customized with sublimation printing, making them a popular choice for wall art, photo prints, and other decorative items.
  8. Drink ware: Lots of drink ware can be customized from Tumblers to wine glasses and beer mugs to name a few.
Overall, there are many different types of sublimation blanks available, making it easy to create customized and unique products using the sublimation printing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sublimation ?

Dye sublimation may sound intimidating, but we promise it’s anything but. In short, sublimation ink can convert from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid form, which allows you to apply an image to specially coated materials using heat and pressure! For more information checkout our What is Sublimation blog.

What is a sublimation printer ?

Sublimation printers are purpose-built printers for sublimation. Made to make the most vibrant and easy to transfer prints!

What is sublimation blank?

Sublimation blanks are items or materials that have been specifically designed for use in sublimation printing. These blanks are typically made from materials such as polyester, ceramic, or metal that have a special coating on them that allows for the transfer of sublimation ink to occur.
Some common sublimation blanks include t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, keychains, and mousepads. These items can be customized with unique designs or images using a sublimation printer and heat press.
One of the benefits of using sublimation blanks is that the transferred designs or images are permanent and won't fade or peel over time, unlike traditional screen-printing or vinyl transfers. Additionally, sublimation printing allows for full-color designs to be printed, even on curved or irregular surfaces.
Sublimation blanks are popular among individuals and businesses that offer custom printing services, as they offer a wide range of products that can be personalized with unique designs.

Can I use any blank for sublimation ?

You can ONLY use garments with a minimum of 50% polyester or polymer-coated substrates that are "dye sub ready" All blanks on this page are ready for sublimation