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Siser Juliet Cutter 12"


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Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter

The Siser Juliet 12" Cutter is Siser's newest high definition cutter for 12" material. It is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials from HTV, Siser EasyWeed, and Siser EasyPSV, and more!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What width of HTV or material can I cut on the Siser Juliet?
The Siser Juliet Cutter can cut up to 12" width of htv.

What comes with the Siser Juliet Cutter?
Along with the Siser 12" Juliet Cutter, you will receive a power cored with power supply, USB cord, blade housing, 45° blade, 60° blade, marker adapter, 12x12 cutting mat, 2 sheets of 6"x12" Siser HTV, 1 cover sheet, and Instruction Manual. 

How do I set up the Siser Juliet Cutter?
Click this link to set up a training and installation!

Does software come with the cutter?
Yes, every Juliet cutter comes with a completely free design software from Siser called Leonardo Design Studio.

What level of design skill do I have to have to use the Leonardo Design Software?
You do not need any design skills to used the Leonardo Design Software. It comes with premade designs that you can use as soon as the cutter is set up. You can also use designs of your own with the Juliet Cutter! Any level of design skill can use the Juliet Cutter!

How do I set up the Leonardo Software?
Visit this link to begin your software setup!

Do I need premade designs to use the cutter?
You do not need to make premade designs to use the Siser Juliet cutter as the Leonardo Designs Studio software comes with a large library

How does the cutter connect to the internet?
The Juliet cutter can connect cordlessly with WiFi or can be plugged into a computer with the USB cord that is included with the cutter.

Is there a warranty for the cutter?
Each cutter comes with a 1 year warranty from Siser.

Can I cut detailed designs with the Siser Juliet Cutter?
Yes, you can cut very detailed designs on the Juliet Cutter, down to .01mm without even skipping a beat!