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Silicone Sheets

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Silicone sheets will protect your garments and heat press! Just cover exposed images when pressing and it works great for InkJet and Laser transfer papers. These silicone sheets can be used around 5 times per sheet which is great if you are using for transfer paper or dye sublimation transfers, just look for paper discoloring.  8.5" x 11" size sheets Silicone paper is used for covering exposed images when heat pressing Great for Inkjet and laser transfer papers Also can be used when pressing dye sublimation transfers Paper can be used around 5 times per sheets. Use personal observation of paper discoloring   Pricing: 50 sheets = $15.00

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  • If you're looking for the paper included in dark heat transfer paper packs, THIS is it.



    If you've been looking around the internet for extra "parchment paper" or "craft paper" for heat transfer packs, but have been running into a bunch of kitchen supplies that haven't been working, and you've gotten a bit frustrated, this is the paper you're *actually* looking for.