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Silhouette Roll Feeder

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Silhouette Roll Feeder

  • Have your material held conveniently while it is being fed into your Silhouette cutting machine.
  • This allows you to cut longer jobs properly with aligning your material straight through your machine.
  • Material Width Settings: 9 inch, 12 inch Maximum Roll Diameter: 4.5 inches Maximum Material Core Size: 3 inch
  • Easy and convenient way to place rolled material into your Silhouette Properly aligns your project to ensure that it loads straight
  • Compatible with Silhouette SD, Silhouette Portrait®, and Silhouette CAMEO®    
  • FARGO ONLY product; will make your entire order ship from our Fargo, ND location.   


$39.99 EA

  • FARGO PRODUCT; will make your entire order ship from our Fargo location.

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