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Large Oval Patch

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Sku: SBL237
Price: $1.50 - $22.00

Dye Sublimate right onto your large oval patch for garments!

  • 3.5" x 2.5" oval patch
  • White dye sublimation patch
  • Adhesive backing
  • Black border
  • Heat Press patch onto garments
  • Case of 25 patches
  • Comes blank/white in color

Additional Instructions

Step 1 - Dye Sublimation to the patch

Heat press settings:
Temperature - 390 degrees F
Press time - 60 seconds
Pressure - Heavy

Note: To adhere the transfer to the substrate use heat tape not
repositionable spray. Using the spray can cause the transfer to stick to the

Layer the press from the bottom pad to the top heat platen as follows:
1. Teflon sheet or scratch paper
2. Substrate (patch)
3. transfer
4. teflon sheet or scratch paper

1. Position the patch onto the transfer.
2. Tape the patch to the paper. Only tape the edges to prevent the tape from
sticking to the adhesive backing.
3. Place the transfer and substrate in the press onto scratch paper or teflon
(transfer on top of substrate).
4. Place the teflon sheet or scratch paper over the patch and transfer.
5. Press the items using the settings listed above.
6. Remove the transfer from the substrate and items from the press
immediately. Use heat resistant gloves if necessary - the items will be very
7. Leave paper backing of the patch on and let patch cool for at least 5 minutes

- If the image of the final product appears light increase the pressure or
the press time slightly (10-20 seconds).
- If the image on the final product appears blurred or substrate appears
yellowed reduce the press time slightly (10-20 seconds).

Step 2 - Pressing Patch to Garment

With a heat press set at 300 degrees for 15 seconds - press from the front side of
With a household iron - 300 degrees (wool setting) for 15 seconds - press from
the backside of the fabric.

Patches can be dry cleaned or washed in a washing machine with cold water -
air dry.

  • CINCINNATI PRODUCT; will make your entire order ship from our Cincinnati location.

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