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Heat Press Temperature Test Strips

Price: $15.95

Sku: TL5-5C

Heat Press Temperature Test Strips

The biggest issue when having problems applying Heat Transfer Vinyl is inadequate heat. These simple temperature test strips are heat activated to ensure your heat press is reading the correct temperature. Heat Press Test Strips are temperature sensitive elements that create a non-reversible white to a black color change at the correct temperature. The temperature elements are enclosed and protected with a clear plastic overlay and are easy to read. 

  • 8 strips per pack
  • Turn from white to black when accurate 
  • Temperature sensitive
  • Water Resistant Strips can be reused if not black yet   

$15.95 per pack (8 strips)

Additional Instructions

Pre-press the lower platen for about 10-15 seconds to heat it up before you begin this process IF YOU SKIP THIS STEP YOUR TEMPERATURE WILL BE OFF 20 TO 30 DEGREES 10 seconds for smaller heat presses 15 seconds for larger heat presses  Place 5 of the strips on a blank piece of paper. 4 in the corners and 1 in the center Place the paper on the lower platen of the heat press and line it up to be straight Flip the paper over, so that the strips are touching the lower platen of the heat press Press for 10 seconds Take the paper out when you are done pressing and inspect which boxes turned black. The boxes that turned black indicate what temperature the heat press is in its respective placement     

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