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Forever Laser Dark Paper

Price: $206.00 - $412.00


Forever Laser Dark Paper

  • Forever® Laser-Dark (no-cut)
  • Paper is an industry favorite. Transparent media for easy alignment
  • A self-weeding paper that only transfers the printed image
  • The pressing application involves a revolutionary 2 press system
  • The package includes a box of part A and part B papers
  • This paper is intended for OKI White Toner Printers
  • ONLY For Printer Settings please see Instructions that come with the paper.
  • Holds up to 10-40 washes
  • Click here for Silicone Sheets
  • Perfect for: Dark Colored Garments White or light colored garments 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and blends
  • Please test on nylon and spandex
  • Special Note: Intended for OKI White Toner printers ONLY. We cannot guarantee results with the use of any other printer. HP and Brother printers tend to run too hot for the paper to work correctly. If you decide to print with these printers, you take your own risk and no refunds or exchanges will be made. For any papers, we recommend testing your equipment to find the best settings for you. 


8.5" x 11" (100 sheet pack) = $206.00

11" x 17" (100 sheet pack) = $412.00  

  • 356-392° F
  • 15-30 seconds
  • Peel Hot
  • Firm Print Mirrored
  • Cotton, Polyester, 50/50 blend Wash warm cycle

Application instructions

This is a two-step process paper. Please follow directions accordingly!
Step 1
  1. Prepare heat press to 290-310 F°.
  2. Place the printed A foil sheet (transparent paper) with the printed image face up in the heat press. Place the Transfer sheet (light yellow logo on back) with the blank side face down on the A foil sheet so that the two sheets are facing each other.
  3. Press the two sheets for 90 -120 seconds for full-color designs with medium pressure.
  4. You may decrease the time to 90 seconds if your design is all black.
  5. Peel sheet while still on the press platen hot and slow. Roll the paper towards you when peeling.
  6. Your image should be completely covered on A foil sheet with a thin, white layer of adhesive.
Step 2
  1. Place A foil sheet onto the garment face down, and press transfer to the t-shirt using the following settings according to your substrate/textile:
  2. Cotton: 300F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure (50-70 psi)
  3. Polyester: 265-285F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure (50-70 psi)
  4. Blend Fabrics: 285-300F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure (50-70 psi)
  5. Polypropylene: 220F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure (50-70 psi)
  6. Paper/Cardboard: 210F for 15 seconds, light pressure (50-70 psi)
  7. Book cover: 230-250F for 15 seconds, light pressure (50-70 psi)
After pressing, allow the transfer to fully cool, and then peel paper backing sheet.
You can press again for 15 seconds with the Silicone or Backing Paper to get a Matte finish.

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