Dye Sublimation

Quantity Price per Sq/In.
10-30 pieces of artwork $.04 per sq/in.
31-74 pieces of artwork $.03 per sq/in.
75+ pieces of artwork $.02 per sq/in.

When Uploading your artwork, we will need the following:*


-Email address

-Subject: What type of transfer you are looking for 

-Message: Size and quantity of (each) artwork

*If these fields are not fully filled out, you may not get a reply.

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For your garment needs, we recommend Heat Transfer Clothing



  • Sublimation will only work best on 100% white polyester garment and treated surfaces
  • Can work on other types of garments such as 50/50 blends and cotton
  • Press onto other light colored garments but note that it will not be as vibrant as it will take on the color of the garment
  • Artwork quality must be higher than 300 dpi resolution or vector images
  • Please upload the artwork to link found below
  • Production can take 1-3 business days to complete your order. If a longer timeline is needed, the artist will contact you via email or phone.
  • If pressing on anything other than fabric, please call for further instructions as this will change how HTW prints your designs. 
  • Orders do not qualify for free freight.
  • Does NOT print Neons or Pantone colors.


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