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Custom Sticky Dye Sublimation Transfers

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  • Requesting a quote section with all the bullets add at the top:
    • Transfers are NOT sticky to the touch but when activated with heat the transfer will adhere to your garment for pressing.
    • Eliminates the need for thermal spray or tape
    • NOT recommended for hard surfaces
  • Sublimation will only work best on 100% white polyester garment and treated surfaces
  • Can work on other types of garments such as 50/50 blends and cotton
  • Press onto other light colored garments but note that it will not be as vibrant as it will take on the color of the garment
  • Artwork quality must be higher than 300 dpi resolution or vector images

What is dye sublimation transfers? Why would I choose dye sublimation transfers? These are questions someone may ask themselves when getting into a heat transfer business.

Dye sublimation transfers is very different from heat transfer vinyl. Instead of heat pressing a vinyl onto a garment, dye sublimation transfers gas into the material. The texture of the transfer is the same texture as the material you pressed onto. Dye sublimation transfers work best with 100% polyester, white or light color, garments are dye sublimation blanks. You can press this transfer on 50/50 blends and cotton if you are wanting a faded distressed. Dye sublimation transfers can be pressed on darker garments, however, use caution when pressing on really dark garments as the transfer may not be visible. 

Working with dye sublimation blanks can be very rewarding. There is a wide range of blanks out there from you to choose from, such as coasters, koozies, ornaments, photo panels, mugs, bag tags, flags and much much more! Unlike heat transfer vinyl or sign vinyl, dye sublimation transfers will not add texture to these surfaces. Dye sublimation transfers can also be heat applied to textured glitter HTV when you want to add some sparkle to your design. 

You can use full-color images such as family, friends and vacation pictures. No weeding required! All you would need to do is when you receive your custom dye sublimation transfer use an open clam heat press to apply to your material. Craft paper is always handy when pressing dye sublimation as the ink will soak into a teflon sheet and we do not want to ruin our teflon sheet. Thermo tape is always helpful when holding your transfer in place as dye sublimation is not a sticky transfer. 


QuantityPrice per Sq/In.
10-30 pieces of artwork $.045 per sq/in.
31-74 pieces of artwork $.035 per sq/in.
75+ pieces of artwork $.025 per sq/in.


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-Message: Size and quantity of (each) artwork

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For your garment needs, we recommend Heat Transfer Clothing

  • 375° F - 400° F
  • 30-90 seconds
  • Peel HOT
  • Medium to Firm
  • White 100% polyester garments, Dye sublimated ready dishware (mugs, plates, etc.), or Dye Sub Blanks

Additional Instructions

How to press onto 100% white polyester garments: Heat at 410 for 35-40 seconds with firm to hard pressure

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