General Info

How to set up a PO

  • Purchase Order Number, something unique to this job to identify it
  • Design Name(s)
  • Design Placement(s) (Left Chest, Center Front of Hat, Right Sleeve, etc.)
  • Decoration Method
  • Design Sizes, if you have them, in inches
  • List of thread colors for you design for embroidery
  • Your Company Name, Address, Phone Number and Email
  • Requested or Required Need by Date (most orders are completed within 2 weeks of approval)
  • Breakdown of garments, sizing and color of each garment
  • Order numbers and tracking info for drop ship orders to us including est. delivery and method
  • Ship address and method, we do have good rates with both UPS and FedEx but are happy to use your shopper account. Please note this on your order
  • Send via email to and we will send confirmation with an ETA


We will send you a Credit Card Authorization form. We will charge the Credit Card you have on file upon completion of each job.


Time Frame

  • Orders are completed within 2 weeks after proof and job approval
  • We will send you mockups as well as cost estimates to approve each job
  • If you have a need by date that is closer than 2 weeks, just ask!
  • We will always do our best to accommodate your special requests

Printing Additional Pricing

File Type

Vector file in CMYK format if needed. If you don't have a vector file for you design, we can create one for you. It is $15 and we will give you the file for future needs. Please make sure your fonts are outlined. Although some printing methods can use a png file, we discourage this for the best possible outcome. If there is pixelation in your artwork, it will show when finished.



Indicate if you need assistance designing your artwork. Design fee is $60 per hour, billed in $15 increments. You will receive the file for your future use.



All printing is done in CMYK format. If your file is sent in RGB, we will send for your approval converted to CMYK format.



Personalization can be added to printed items. It is $5 for a name or number and $10 for a name and number.

Embroidery Additional Pricing

File Type

Any type of file, including raster or vector, can be accepted for DST file set up. If you have your won DST file, we will welcome you to send it to us. There is a $10 charge to sew on a pre-sent file. To ensure the best possible finished product, we prefer to set up our own files. Not all DST files are created equal and our digitizer does a great job!



Please keep in mind that small details such as letters might require changes to the file or file size. We will let you know immediately if there is any concern with a design.



There is a one time set up fee for an embroidery file of $30. We will reuse your identical design file for re-orders or new jobs. At your request, we will send you these files


Design File Size

If you have specs, please put them on your PO. Otherwise, we will let you know your file size once we have the design file set up during the approval process.


Thread Colors

We would love to have thread colors pre-selected by you with your PO. However, we can pick them and make a recommendation for your approval if there are none listed or pre-selected. Pricing includes up to 4 colors. Additional color will be a flat $5 per color change.



Names are $8 with standard text. Special text will require DST set up per name. Names are 2" in height and respective length.


Miscellaneous Items

Items such as bags, heavy materials such as Carhartt, and items with pockets might require extra time and attention. Items that may require special attention or extra time will have an extra hooping charge of $2 per item.