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Brother Universal Pen Holder

Price: $19.99


Brother Universal Pen Holder

  • Brother Universal ScanNCut Universal Pen Holder allows for more creative freedom when drawing with the ScanNCut and ScanNCut2 machines!
  • This pen holder fits most pens and writing utensils.
  • You can use this on a wide range of drawing surfaces such as paper, fabric, or other mediums.
  • Works with ScanNCut and ScanNCut2 machines
  • For Use With: CM100DM, CM250, CM350, CM350H, CM350R, CM550DX, CM650W, CM650WX, DC200, DC200ULE   Pricing: 
  • FARGO ONLY product; will make your entire order ship from our FARGO, ND location.



  • FARGO PRODUCT; will make your entire order ship from our Fargo location.

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