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WALAKustom Finished Goods

WALAKustom Finished Goods

Apr 7th 2023

WALAKustom:  Pressed and Ready for Your Convenience


As you probably already know, Heat Transfer Warehouse specializes in products that allow you to create your own custom garments and other goods. One thing you might not have known, though- we now offer a custom finished goods fulfillment service! Aptly named "WALAKustom," this service covers the full spectrum from drinkware to photo panels (and all kinds of apparel), and allows us to provide you with finished products when the need arises.

What are Custom Finished Goods and Why are We Offering Them?

To break it down, ordering custom finished goods through us allows you to upload a vector design of your choosing and we will apply it to a product that you choose from the selected list (like the drinkware or apparel mentioned above). You will also be able to choose the method of application for your design, which is one of the great perks of using this service- we offer heat transfer vinyl and full sublimation transfers, as well as embroidery and custom rhinestone work. This means that all you'll have to worry about is shipping the orders out, which (as you can probably already imagine) can come in handy for a number of reasons!

Why Would I Use This Service?

There are many situations that might prompt you to want to use our WALAKustom finished goods service, ranging from simple convenience to necessity. Here are some examples:

Orders That Outstrip Your Capacity

Maybe you have a new order that is just too large for your small business to handle. Maybe you simply don't have the space (or the additional equipment) to make that large order right now- we've got you covered.

Streamlining Order Fulfillment

While applying your own designs is something we fully support, sometimes it makes more sense to let someone else take care of that particular aspect of the business. Perhaps it suits your business model better to have finished goods on hand so that you will only have to package them up and ship them out- we can help. 

Offering an Extended Range of Services

Maybe you have a shirt pressing business, but have a customer that wants embroidered or sublimated garments as well? Our custom finished goods service can assist you with fulfilling both of these options, allowing you to offer the products without having to purchase or store different equipment than what you already have.

WALAKustom Wrapped Up

As a business, it makes sense to provide the customer with the options they are asking for. However, sometimes it's not feasible to offer all the different services a customer wants "in-house", especially if the service requested isn't one of your mainstays. We're happy to help you remain as flexible as possible as to which orders you can fulfill, and our WALAKustom Finished Goods service will help bridge any gap between your business' services and your customers' wants!  You can check out our range of finished goods and services here.