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WALAKustom Embroidery - A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

WALAKustom Embroidery - A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

Apr 5th 2023

Embroidery has long been a fashion statement that allows people to stand out from the crowd. With its raised designs and large array of colors, it brings artwork with some added depth to any piece of clothing. If you are looking to incorporate designs with a 3D element, embroidery is an excellent choice for you!

Appearing on everything from logos on trucker hats to colorful artwork on fashionable clothing, embroidery makes a strong impression, and has been doing so for decades. Adding embroidery to your product offerings can elevate your small business, there's no doubt about that. But what are you to do? Embroidering all your products by hand would not be ideal for your time or profitability. Buying a costly embroidery machine might be a bit excessive for your needs (not to mention the necessary space- if you hadn't guessed, they are quite large). Lucky for you, Heat Transfer Warehouse now offers custom embroidery! Here's how it works:

Step One:

Select "Embroidery" from the drop down list of Custom Apparel. Then, choose what type of clothing you would like the embroidery to be applied to.

You will be asked to choose the the color and amount of the items you would like (and the size, if applicable).  

Step Two:

Upload your design and kick back- we'll take it from there!

Embroidery, though classic, continues to make a statement in the garment decoration world, and adding it to your business' service list can help boost it to the next level. Follow this link if you are ready to jump into the world of embroidery!  If you'd like to explore some of our other custom offerings, you can take a look here.