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Using Sticker Vinyl on Tumblers

Using Sticker Vinyl on Tumblers

Feb 18th 2022

We have a wide selection of  blanks here at Heat Transfer Warehouse that can be decorated with adhesive vinyl! Decorating with adhesive vinyl is the perfect way for you to customize these blanks. In this blog, we decorate a 20 oz ringneck tumblerpilsner tumblersparkling wine tumbler, and a coaster for St. Patrick’s Day using adhesive vinyl!



Cut your design out of your choice of adhesive vinyl. Remember you will not cut mirrored because you are going to mask your design. Once you are done cutting out the design, you will weed the excess vinyl, which means removing any extra vinyl that is not a part of your design. We recommend weeding from the outside in!

After you weed out excess vinyl, you will mask the design. To do this, cut a piece of your  Siser PSV Application Tape that will cover all of your design. Then, remove the tape from the backing using your weeding tool or fingers! Hold your application tape above your vinyl design with the sticky side down. Place the tape over your adhesive vinyl touching the center first, then letting the tape cover the whole design.

Gently squeegee the tape over the vinyl design to remove any air from between the vinyl and tape. After that, squeegee a little harder to ensure the vinyl is stuck to your application tape.

Once your tape is adhered to the vinyl design, peel back a corner of the tape slowly, making sure your vinyl is stuck to it. If there are any areas where the tape didn’t pick up the vinyl, simply squeegee over the spot again. When your entire design is lifted using the application tape, you are ready to apply it to your blank.

Wipe off your blank to make sure there is no lint or dust that will get caught under the vinyl. Then line up your design where you would like it on your blank, being cautious about sticking it to the blank before you are ready. Once you have your design where you would like it, stick the transfer to the blank and use your fingers to apply pressure.

After you have done that, slowly peel the tape off of the blank, keeping the tape as close to the blank as possible to prevent any vinyl lifting. If you notice any vinyl is coming up with the tape, put the tape back down on the blank and use your squeegee to press the vinyl down with more force. Then try removing the tape from the blank again.

Once that is done, you are good to go! If you used permanent adhesive vinyl, the design will last a long time, but you can always use epoxy to seal the vinyl further. We recommend hand washing any blanks decorated with adhesive vinyl as the heat from the dishwasher can cause the vinyl to fall off.

For more ideas on using PSV with hard blanks, refer to this video: