New Ideas to Place Transfers on Shirts

New Ideas to Place Transfers on Shirts

Sep 21st 2021

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd as a t-shirt designer, try pressing your designs in unique locations rather than the standard 8.5 x 11 design on the front of the t-shirt. That spot is a great place for a logo, obviously, but adding some variety to your designs can really help add value to your garments. By mixing up your designs and where you press them, you add a unique quality to your clothing that people will not find just anywhere! So, let’s go over a few different areas to press onto to take advantage of the whole garment and up your t-shirt game.


District Re-Fleece Hoodie

Port & Company Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

HTV used:

White Sweatshirt-

  • Thermoflex Plus Black, Dusty Rose, and Athletic Gold

Blue Sweatshirt-

  • WALAKut Express Black, Fluorescent Yellow, and Fluorescent Pink



If you have a long sleeve shirt or hoodie, adding a design on the sleeve is a great way to get extra detail in your garment. If your sleeve is too long to fit in your press, try pressing diagonally from one corner to the other of the press, or press the design in two parts. This transfer was 5x18 in.


This is the perfect location for a smaller logo, and is a spot that not a lot of people think of for placing a design! This design is a 3x3 in design.

Left Chest

This is probably the most common spot for logos, other than the front and central location! This area is great for small or medium sized designs. This logo is 3.5x4.5 in.


If you are pressing onto a sweatshirt or jacket with a front pocket, this is a VERY unique and fun location to add small detailing to! This design is 3x4 inches.


Pressing your design onto the ribs of a garment is an awesome idea. It is not common or overdone, so you will certainly stand out if you place HTV here. This transfer is 1.5x9 inches.


If your garment has a hood, consider adding a personal touch to it like this. Putting a name or brand name here is another smart place to add detailing. This design is 1.5x5 in.


The back of a shirt has a lot of area for you to decorate! If you need another spot for a bigger design, the back would be the perfect location. This transfer is 10x4 inches.

Pressing Tips:

  • Use a heat press pillow to get even pressure, especially if there are thick seams.
  • If layering, remember that you can do a quick tack with the HTV, rather than pressing every single layer for the full time.
  • If you are pressing the back of a shirt and it has a hood, make sure you measure to avoid the hood covering up your design.

With these unique pressing locations, you can really up your t-shirt designing game. If you try one of these methods, be sure to share it in our Facebook group.