​How to Put the "Fresh" in Sublimation Air Fresheners

​How to Put the "Fresh" in Sublimation Air Fresheners

Jan 13th 2023

As you sit in your craft studio staring at your newly ordered sublimation air freshener blanks, you might find yourself asking some questions. Questions like “How do I get the scent onto these air fresheners" or “Do you apply the scent first or do you sublimate them first?" These are all very valid questions for you to be asking at this specific time in your life. Luckily, you've found your way to this blog post, and it will provide you with the answers you seek!

Part 1: Sublimation

"Sublimation" comes before "air fresheners" in "sublimation air fresheners," and that's the order of the process of working with them, too. This is because the heat required to sublimate the ink won't do anything kind to the rather delicate essential oils that will be used to provide the fragrance for the air fresheners.


1) Choose a nifty design

2) Print your design onto your choice of sublimation paper (making sure to mirror it).

3) Put down some kraft paper to protect your heat press platens, then lay your air freshener sheet on it and cover it with your design, taping it in place using thermo tape. Cover it with another sheet of kraft paper.

4) Press for 60 seconds under medium to firm pressure at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Repeat the process on both sides.


At this point you will have beautiful air fresheners, no doubt about that. But what about the lovely smell?

Part 2: Smell-imation

Though you may choose to sell air fresheners without scent and let the customer choose for themselves, it's also an appealing option to have them pre-scented and ready for someone's smelling enjoyment. This is where your arsenal of essential oils comes in handy. If you don't happen to have any essential oils, have no fear, there are some other options available. One method is to mix vanilla extract with alcohol and water to use as a scent. Another good method is soak aromatic herbs in alcohol to infuse it, then use the infused alcohol in place of essential oils.


1) Place a drop of essential oil on the corners and center of each air freshener.

2) Punch out the pre-made holes and attach the provided hanging ribbons by pushing them through. Tie the two loose ends together to secure the ribbon in place.

3) Be sure to put the air fresheners into their individual bags and seal them to retain as much scent as possible.

With these easy steps, you now know how to both decorate and fragrance your sublimation air fresheners. Armed with this knowledge, you can look forward to feeling good knowing that you made the world smell like a better place!