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Tacky Sublimation Paper Rolls

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Sku: SUBROLL-17100

Tacky Sublimation Paper Rolls

Tacky Sublimation Paper Rolls is a hybrid paper that can be used on both hard and soft substrates. If you are looking for a simple way to get things done, this product has the ability to be printed the same way every time. This tacky sublimation paper is a premium sublimation paper with a heat-activated adhesive that allows the paper to stick firmly to the textile during heat transfer. This prevents any “ghosting,” providing you with crystal clear transfers. It can be used on traditional plotters as well as on today’s fast printers.

  • 17" or 24" widths
  • 131 ft roll
  • Tack activates with heat at 131 degrees
  • Tacky paper prevents ghosting when pressing
  • For Larger Format Printers; Epson, Ricoh, Mimaki, and Mutoh
  • Water-based sublimation paper for Epson sublimation systems
  • Works on both hard an soft substrates
  • High definition print quality
  • True color quality
  • Dye Sublimation Blanks
  • Dye Sublimation Accessories


17"    131ft = $20.00
24"    131ft = $31.00

  • CINCINNATI PRODUCT; will make your entire order ship from our Cincinnati location.

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