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Looking to become an affiliate with Heat Transfer Warehouse? We are looking for influencers in the Heat Transfer Vinyl market that have over 10,000 plus followers through Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or any other social media platform. We would love to work with you on building a relationship that would be mutually beneficial to both of us and allow you to work with the materials you love.

We are looking for assistance with new product releases, product education, and equipment use.  We feel that Bloggers, YouTubers, and Social Media influencers, through the Heat Transfer Warehouse affiliate program would be a great source for our customers to learn more about the proper usage of our products.  We feel the affiliate program is a great way to let the expert do what they do best, which is educate and train. Influencers would help educate people on current material/equipment, new material/equipment, as well as show off unique ways to work with heat transfer vinyl.  We are looking for affiliates whose values would reflect those of Heat Transfer Warehouse and you seemed to be a great fit!

Here's how the program works. Heat Transfer Warehouse would send you new products or materials to promote and show to people. You would then have a referral link attached to your site, which would track any customers that are directed from your site to our website. The link would track all traffic that you direct to Heat Transfer Warehouse, which in return would earn you commission on all the orders placed through that link.



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