Dye Sublimation Paper

This sublimation transfer paper can be used to make customized ornaments, name plates, dog tags and much more! We offer TexPrint paper for Epson, Ricoh, Virtuoso, Mimaki and Mutoh printers. If you’re looking for high-quality Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper we have you covered.

Our hybrid paper is suitable for both hard and soft substrates. Get high definition print quality with true colors. TexPrint-R® delivers excellent dimensional stability at high speeds and heavy ink loads, exceptional resistance to smudging and offsetting, directional out-gassing (dye-gases aimed at the receptor with no back gassing), as well as very high color transfer efficiency. TexPrint-XPHR Epson Paper is a product of Beaver Papers and is a water based sublimation paper for Epson sublimation systems. It has been tested and approved by Sawgrass desktop inks and is compatible with all Piezo printhead technology. TexPrint-R Ricoh/Virtuoso Dye Sublimation Paper works with Ricoh and New Virtuoso Sublimation systems and is suitable for all substrates.