Why Buy in Bulk?

Why Buy in Bulk?

May 9th 2023

Buy in Bulk and Stretch Your Savings Further!

As you may know, buying in bulk offers numerous advantages. Membership warehouses are popular destinations for saving money and are a common part of many people's routines. However, fewer individuals may realize that similar benefits can be gained by purchasing items like  Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)Sublimation Blanks and Custom Transfers online. That's why, at Heat Transfer Warehouse, we aim to highlight the advantages of buying in bulk when stocking up on supplies.

Certainly, the primary benefit that springs to mind is the cost savings. Typically, products are more affordable per unit when bought in bulk, easing the strain on your budget. For businesses, this means the ability to offer competitive prices while maintaining healthy profit margins, benefiting both you and your customers. Additionally, buying in bulk can lower your shipping expenses. Let's delve into some examples illustrating the financial advantages of purchasing our products in bulk:


Siser EasyWeed 12"

If you required 50 yards of material (specifically, Siser EasyWeed White 12"), purchasing ten 5-yard rolls would amount to $349.90, as each roll costs $34.99.

Alternatively, opting for two 25-yard rolls would total $295.98, representing a savings of 15.5%.

However, choosing one 50-yard roll would result in a total of $274.99, providing a significant 21.5% discount, solely for purchasing in bulk!


Sublimation 40 oz Mugs with Handle

Purchasing 24 of our Sublimation 40oz Mugs with Handle individually would amount to $336. However, opting for a case of 24 mugs would total $240, resulting in a significant saving of 28.57%..

Custom Transfers:

WALAKustom Rhinestone Transfers

If you purchased 50 4”x4” crystal rhinestone transfers at the standard price, it would amount to $151, equating to $3.02 each. However, with our bulk pricing discount, the total cost for 50 transfers is $86, or $1.72 each, providing a substantial saving of approximately 43.05%.

Likewise, if you were to buy 200 4”x4” crystal rhinestone transfers, the total cost would be $308 with the bulk pricing discount, averaging out to $1.54 each. This represents an even greater saving of about 48.68%.

Bundling Up the Good Things

These are just a few instances showcasing the savings available when purchasing in bulk from us! Additionally, beyond the monetary benefits, buying in bulk offers numerous advantages. This approach streamlines the ordering process, enabling you to procure items ahead of time, leading to more organized purchasing. Consolidating orders into one bulk purchase can also save valuable time. By stocking up on supplies, you ensure that you (and your customers) have immediate access when needed. Furthermore, buying in bulk minimizes packaging waste, which promotes environmental friendliness, a value we deeply appreciate!

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