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HTV at Heat Transfer Warehouse

Heat Transfer Warehouse is an authorized distributor for SISER, Specialty Materials, Poli-Tape, and Chemica HTV!

We offer the industry's top brands and products in HTV and iron on vinyl including Siser EasyWeed, Thermoflex Plus, Chemica Hotmark Revolution Low Temp, and WALAKut.

Within those brands, the range of types is endless. From different types and finishes of heat transfer vinyl like Matte HTV, Glossy, Glitter, Holographic, Flock, Reflective, Siser Patterned, Stock Patterned and specialized HTV to go on those delicate garments!

We are your top source for all bulk heat transfer vinyl and materials. Our promise is that you will receive a high-quality name brand product at an industry competitive price every time. All of these brands and products of heat transfer vinyl are compatible and can be used in your Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker, Silhouette Cameo 3 and Cameo 4 to the wider format cutters such as the Cameo Plus, and the Graphtec CE-7000.

Brands and Types of HTV

Heat Transfer Vinyl also known as Heat Press Vinyl, HTV or iron on vinyl is available in many different colors, finishes, styles or for specialty garment types.


There is a lot of love out there for Siser HTV and this is a really great product with lots of color options from your basic Black and White to Passion Pink or Minnesota Purple which is a Heat Transfer Warehouse exclusive color. EasyWeed Electric offers a unique take on the metallic finish and if you’re looking for some bling, check out Siser Holographic or their Glitter HTV. These will bring some snap to any of your projects.


ThermoFlex is another great product that comes in a matte finish and has a color lineup that will blow your mind. They have more blues than a paint store such as Air Force Blue, Cornflower Blue, Reflex Blue, Bright Blue and many more. They have a color for any job you may have and their Metal Flake line up is great for adding bling to your designs and they also have a few glossy colors which adds a unique effect. Don’t forget to check out ThermoFlex Turbo. It is a great low temp product that will work on those hard to press polyester and synthetic garments.


WalaKut HTV is Heat Transfer Warehouse’s exclusive line of Heat Press Vinyl. The Walakut-Express is a low temp product that comes in all the basic colors and has a great matte finish. WalaKut-Soft is a soft, stretchy product that feels awesome on your garment and is especially loved by runners.

Specialty Materials DecoFilm

If you are really looking to add something different to your HTV line up may we suggest checking out Specialty Materials DecoFilm soft metallics, these are great for adding that cool metal effect.


Pattern HTV

Check out one of many patterned htv.  We have everything from the American flag to ombre patterns or something more specific for a holiday like hearts or pumpkins. There is a pattern HTV for everything you can imagine.


Resources for Getting Started with Heat Transfer Vinyl


Frequently Asked Questions

How to use heat transfer vinyl ?
First you are going to want to cut out your design, weed the htv, and finally follow the application instructions found on the product page of the htv you are you using to press your design! For more information checkout our How to Cut and Use HTV blog.

How to remove heat transfer vinyl ?
You can use heat to make the adhesive soft and remove your htv, or we recommend you use Heat Transfer Vinyl Remover. For more information checkout our How to Remove HTV From Shirts blog

How to cut heat transfer vinyl ?

Make sure you are cutting on the vinyl side of your material. If you are unsure which side that is, peel back a corner of your HTV, and the colored side is your vinyl. The clear side is the adhesive liner. Typically, the shiny side of your HTV is the liner and the dull side is your vinyl. Once you know which side is the vinyl, place that side up into your vinyl cutter.

It is vital to do a test cut before cutting your full design. Depending on which cutter you use, there may be an option to do a test cut straight from your machine! If not, you can create your own test cut in your design software. To do this, make a small square with an even smaller triangle inside of the square. The whole design should be around ½ inch wide. Once you have created your test cut shape, move the shape to the corner of your HTV and send it to the cutter. If you are able to weed the square, but leave the triangle still on the liner, your cut settings are correct.

Once you have successfully done a test cut, you are ready to cut your design. To find cut settings for your specific vinyl, go to the product page on our website and click the tab Application Instructions. For  Siser Easyweed, we used a speed of 25 cm/s and a force of 16. Always remember to mirror your design when working with HTV.

How to layer htv ?
First, you should adjust your pressure to make sure you are getting enough! Use a  heat press pillow if you are pressing an uneven surface.  We used our 15x15 WALAPress Drawer Clamshell for this project. When we put the first layer down, we used our heat press ruler to make sure the design was centered, then pressed our vinyl. When layering Siser Easyweed like we are using here, you should do a 1 second tack for all layers. You will always do a tack when layering htv, but for other vinyl we recommend a 3 second tack. After each layer has been tacked to your garment, you will then press for the full amount of time recommended in the application instructions. When doing the second layer, make sure it is lined up how you want it with the first layer. After placing the layer on the bag, we pressed the layers for another 1 second to tack the vinyl down, then peeled warm. The more layers you have, the trickier it might be to line up correctly. We find it really helpful to pull up the design on your computer, so you can reference the artwork when arranging your layers. For our final layer we pressed the entire design for 10 seconds. In total, we did 3 layers of  Siser Easyweed for this design, with the addition of the last name below the design. We used black htv for the name as a discreet way to identify the bag while travelling. It is subtle enough to provide privacy, while still being visible! If you are questioning if your vinyl can or can’t be layered, always check the description on our website. Layering htv is a lot more doable than most people think, and can enhance the look of your design if used correctly! When layering vinyl, remember you don’t want too many layers stacked on top of each other because that can really weigh down the garment. We suggest no more than 3 layers directly on top of each other so the transfer doesn’t seem too bulky. The bigger the design, the less layering we suggest as it can make your design too heavy.

For more information checkout our How to Remove HTV From Shirts blog

How to remove HTV from a shirt ?

  1. Start by turning the garment inside out.
  2. Apply the Heat Transfer Vinyl Remover to the area that you want to remove. (The vinyl that you want to remove is actually on the other side of the garment. This allows the remover to soak through the garment and reach the underside of the vinyl.)
  3. Turn the garment back to normal so that it is no longer inside out.
  4. Stretch the garment in 4 different directions around the vinyl that you want to remove.
  5. Carefully peel the vinyl off the garment immediately after stretching the garment.
    For more information checkout our How to Layer HTV Blog

What is difference between Heat Transfer Vinyl and HTV ?
HTV is just an abbreviation for Heat Transfer Vinyl, so they are the same!


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