Mon. May 18, 2015 in Tutorials & DIY Goodies

How to Do an EasyWeed Heat Transfer Application with 2 Colors

Step 1: Load the Reverse Image Cut-Ready Artwork into the Cutting Software

Step 2: Load the Vinyl Sheet Into the Cutter

Tip – Make sure the liner side is face down when you load it into the cutter

Step 3: Send the Artwork to the Cutter

Step 4: Weed Away Excess Vinyl from the Cut Out Design

Tip – Always start from the outside and work your way in

Tip – Make sure the smaller pieces of your design don’t get torn away when you take off the extra vinyl

Step 5: Place Artwork on Garment and Press

Tip – If pressing one color, press for 15 seconds at 315 degrees Fahrenheit

Tip – If pressing two colors, Press first color for 7 seconds

Tip – Make sure it’s centered before pressing

Step 5.2: Place Second Color on Garment and Press (Optional)

Tip – Press second color for 10-15 seconds at 315 degrees Fahrenheit

Tip – Double check the alignment before pressing again

Step 6: Peel Away Clear Plastic Layer

Tip – Can peel away hot or cold

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