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Graphtec CE6000-40 Plus 15" Cutter

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Sku: CE6000-40
Price: $1,195.00

Graphtec CE6000-40 Plus 15" Cutter is amongst the easiest to use on the market while also having high-quality results every time. This vinyl cutter has a lot to offer from its features and accessories.

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  • 3.7" wide user-friendly LCD Control Panel
  • Max force of 4.41 N (450 GF) 
  • Speed of 1000 MM/S
  • Reliable long length tracking
  • Ability to switch the pressure of the center push roller
  • Multiple-mark compensation
  • 4-Point axis alignment
  • Graphtec Studio® Full-Color Vector Image Software for Windows and MacOS
  • Plugin for CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator


  • Power cord
  • Cutting blade holder - PHP33-CB09N-HS for CB09 cutting blade
  • Cutting Blade - CB09UB, 0.9mm dia. super steel blade
  • Loupe - PM-CT-001, for checking length and quality of blade tip
  • Separate cutter - For manually cutting from sheets and rolls
  • Fiber-tip pen holder - PHP31-FIBER for KF700 fiber-tip pen
  • Water-based fiber-tip pen - KF700-BK (black ink)
  • Tray for roll media stock
  • USB cable - 2.9m long
  • DVD-ROM - User Manual, Windows driver, Plotter Controller
  • Printed document - Quick manual, safety manual


ItemCE6000-40 PLUSCE6000-60 PLUSCE6000-120 PLUS
Configuration Grit roller with digital servo drive system
Maximum cutting area (W x L)

14.76 in x 164 ft 0.5 in

(375 mm × 50 m) (*1)

23.74 in x 164 ft 0.5 in

(603 mm × 50 m) (*1)

47.75 inc x 164 ft 0.5 in

(1213 mm × 50 m) (*1)

Cutting area of guaranteed accuracy(W x L)
(when using the basket)

14.01 in x 6 ft 6.74 in

(356 mm × 2 m) (*1)

1 ft 11 in x 16 ft 4.85 in

(584 mm × 5 m) (*1)

3 ft 11 in x 16 ft 4.85 in

(1194 mm × 5 m) (*1)

Mountable media width Min. 1.96 in to Max.19.05 in (Min. 50 mm to Max. 484 mm) Min. 1.97 in to Max. 28.03 in (Min. 50 mm to Max. 712 mm) Min. 4.7 in to Max. 53 in (Min. 120 mm to Max. 1346 mm)
Number of push rollers 2 rollers 3 rollers
Maximum cutting speed 1 ft 11.6 in/s (600 mm/s), in all directions 900 mm/s, at 45º angle 1000 mm/s, at 45º angle
Maximum acceleration 69.55 ft (21.2 m/s2), at 45º direction 45.60 ft (13.9 m/s2), at 45º direction
Maximum cutting force 4.41 N (450 gf) in 38 steps
Minimum character size Approx. 5 mm alphanumeric (varies depending on character font and type of media)
Programmable resolution GP-GL: 0.1 / 0.05 / 0.025 / 0.01 mm, HP-GL™: 0.025 mm
Repeat-ability Max. 0.1 mm in plot up to 2 m (*1)
Mountable number of tools 1 tool
Blade type Supersteel
Pen type Oil-based ballpoint, Water-based fiber-tip pen
Media type Self-adhesive marking film (vinyl, fluorescent, reflective) excluding high-intensity reflective film, 
up to 0.25 mm thickness Polyester film, up to 0.25mm thickness (unguaranteed accuracy)
Interface RS-232C, USB2.0
Buffer memory 2 MB
Command sets GP-GL / HP-GL™ emulation (Set by command or auto-detect)
Display Graphic type LCD with back-light (240dots x 128dots), supports 10 languages
Registration mark sensing system Marks are scanned by an optical sensor (ARMS5.0), Segment area and Multiple marks compensation, 
4-points axis alignment, Auto mark detect
Alignment accuracy Maximum 0.3 mm with printed image (when reading registration marks specified by this machine)
Power source 100 to 120, 200 to 240 V AC (Auto switch), 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption 120 VA
Operating environment 10 to 35 ºC, 35 to 75 % R.H. (non-condensing)
Guaranteed accuracy environment 16 to 32 ºC, 35 to 70 % R.H. (non-condensing)
External dimensions (W x D x H)

Approx. 26.45 x 13.30 x 10.47 in

(672 × 338 × 266 mm)

Approx. 35.43 x 23.34 x 41.18 in

(900 × 593 × 1046 mm)

Approx. 60.67 x 28.97 x 49.21 in

(1541 × 736 × 1250 mm)

Weight Approx. 23.14 lb (10.5 kg)

Approx. 46.29 lb (21 kg) (including stand 17.85 lb, 8.1 kg)

Approx. 89.28 lb (40.5 kg) (including stand 36.15lb, 16.4 kg)
Compatible OS (*2) Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
Mac OSX 10.6 to macOS 10.12 (Graphtec Studio: 10.6 - 10.12, Cutting Master 4: 10.7 - 10.12)
Included software Cutting Master 4, Graphtec Pro Studio (for Windows), Graphtec Studio (for Mac), 
Windows driver, Cutting Plotter Controller
Compatibility Standards Safety UL / cUL, CE mark, RoHS Directive
EMC VCCI Class A, FCC Class A, EN55022 Class A

(*1) Operated with Graphtec specified cutting condition and media. For long-length cutting, the basket is used.

(*2) For more information regarding OS / application software compatibility, please check the Graphtec website or contact your local representative of Graphtec.



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  • CINCINNATI ONLY product; will make your entire order ship from our Cincinnati, OH location.
  • GROUND ONLY shipping; will make your entire order ship 2-5 day ground.

On Sale! Call in for additional sale savings!


  • CINCINNATI ONLY product; will make your entire order ship from our Cincinnati, OH location.
  • GROUND ONLY shipping; will make your entire order ship 2-5 day ground.

Warranty Information

2 Year Standard Warranty (No registration required) CE-6000, Extend the Warranty of a qualifying machine up to 5 years with a Graphtec protection plan! For more info please contact Graphtec America. **please save your shipping box and all of its packaging inserts** Warranty will be voided if the machine is transported without its provided box and inserts. Store your shipping carton in a safe place. Register online at for Graphtec News, tutorials, tech updates, and more.

CE6000 Print and Cut

CE6000 Print and Cut

Importing Silhouette files to Graphtec Pro Studio

Importing Silhouette files to Graphtec Pro Studio
  • CINCINNATI PRODUCT; will make your entire order ship from our Cincinnati location.

1 Review

  • Graphtec CE6000-40 Plus 15" Cutter



    Once you setup this machine up it does a very good job at cutting and is extremely fast, accurate and quiet. The disappointing part is that I spent a lot of money on this machine and the software is VERY VERY out of date. The setup process took me over 6 hours because their directions were so non-descriptive (you can tell it was made in Japan, not the US). The technology/programs seem like they're from the 1990s. I personally use the Adobe Illustrator plugin, so it is not as bad as the other program they give you, but oh my gosh they need to upgrade their system.... it is 2019 for crying out loud! I got so fed up after 4 hours of reading the manual that I YouTubed how to set it up and it look me only 1 hour after that. The "training CD" that comes with it does not have a training video on it like they say.... My Mac doesn't even have a CD drive, so seriously they need to upgrade their software. Once you get it setup they don't really tell you how to use it, so I had to play around with different settings to figure out what worked and i still get an error almost every other cut, which is very annoying. -- Overall I am happy I bought this because it is a lot faster than my Cameo Silhouette, but I feel like the quality of the software should have been WAY better for what I payed. If I knew the software was going to be this bad, I definitely would have kept looking around for a better option.