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WALAInks Plus TFP Sublimation Ink

Price: $109.00 - $396.00

WALAInks Plus TFP Dye Sublimation Ink

WALAInks Plus Sublimation Ink is the world’s first sublimation ink to feature self-dispersing technology. The significance of self-dispersing particles is that the dye sub particles repel one another and as a result materially increase jetting reliability, image quality, shelf life and color consistency. Traditional dye sub inks have particles that over a period of time, start to combine and eventually cause nozzle dropouts, or worse, complete clogging of the print head. WALAInks Plus is perfect for all polyester coated dye sub transfer applications on hard or soft surfaces. Great for apparel, athletic jerseys, banners, flags, ceramic, metal and all dye sublimatable promotional items.

  • Compatible with Epson DS-2400 and Epson printers using Micro TFP Print heads
  • 1 Liter bottles, includes empty 140ml bottles
  • Take advantage of our Water Based Dye Sublimation transfer ink line in 1000ml bottles
  • CPSIA Certified Dye Sublimation Ink 
  • Features high color saturation and low vapor emission at competitive prices
  • Our high viscosity ink produces brilliant colors, and its low sedimentation rate prevents nozzle clogging, achieving excellent print results
  • These Inks are fine-tuned to offer excellent release, vivid colors, deepest Blacks, long shelf life and much more
  • Epson DS-2400 Printer
  • Epson DS-2400 Printer and Heat Press
  • First Ink to Feature Self-Dispersing Dye Sub Technology
  • Enhanced Color Gamut
  • Color Offerings Including CMYK
  • Ultra Crisp, Detailed Images
  • Multi-Application Including Apparel, Textile and Rigid Imaging
  • Outstanding Lightfastness

Single 1L = $109.00 Per Color
All Inks 1L = $396.00

  • LAS VEGAS PRODUCT; will make your entire order ship from our Las Vegas location.

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