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Heat Press Pillow Bundles

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Heat Press Pillow Bundles for Heat Press Machines Non-stick pillow great for pressing around zippers, buttons, and seams Durable 3/4" foam Great for double-sided or reversible jerseys Max temperature of 500°F Heat Press Pillows Release Sheets 12" x 12" Release Sheets 15" x 20"   Small Size Pillow Bundle - $61.99 (4x4, 5x5, 6x8, 5x18 and 10x10) Sleeve Pillow Bundle - $28.99 (4x12, 5x18) Large Size Pillow Bundle - $78.99 (10x10,12x14,15x15 and 16x20) Complete Pillow Bundle - $134.99 (all pillow sizes) (4x4,5x5,6x8,5x18,10x10,4x12,12x14,15x15,16x20)


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