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Sublimation Ink

Sublimation Inks from Sawgrass are stocked and ready to ship.

We handle all SawGrass Sublimation Inks for the all current sublimation printers and also legacy sublimation printers

These are the best sublimation inks in the industry they are custom made by SawGrass to match and give you maximum output and color vibrancy for your sublimation printer. We sale sublimation inks for legacy printers Ricoh 3110 and Ricoh 7100. We stock sublimation inks for Sawgrass SG400 and SG800 and for future Sawgrass sublimation printers the SG500 and SG1000. All sublimation inks come packaged individually and easily install into your printer. 

How do you change Sawgrass ink? changing of the ink cartridges is as easy as pull and plug.

Do You use CMYK or RGB when printing with Sawgrass sublimation inks? When printing you want to select printing with RGB to get the best results.


What is sublimation ink ?
Sublimation ink is a gel ink formulated just for dye sublimation and turns to a gaseous form once it reaches around 375 to 400 degrees fahrenheit and will bond to polyester fiber and poly coated substrates.

How long does Sublimation ink last in the cartridge ?
From the time that we get them from our vendor, these inks should have a 18 month to 2 year expiration date on it. They also last about 6 months after they are installed into your printer.

How long does sublimation ink last once pressed ?
Sublimation prints begin to fade when the fabric begins to fade. 

Can you use sublimation ink on printable vinyl ?
Yes you can! Using sublimation ink on Sublimation Vinyl is the best way to use sublimation designs on 100% cotton. We recommend using Frosty Clear 

Is infusible ink the same as sublimation ink ?
Yes, infusible ink is Cricuts version of sublimation. Infusible inks are limited to the colors offered by Cricut.

Can you remove sublimation ink once it is pressed ?
If sublimation is applied to polyester or other types of polymers, it will become permanent and cannot be undone. Unlike other types of ink, sublimation ink cannot be removed with bleach. However, on cotton fabric, sublimation ink may fade after several washes. On hard surfaces such as poly-coated coffee mugs, sublimation can be reduced with high heat, but the only way to completely eliminate it is by sanding down the coating to reveal the underlying ceramic.

What fabrics does sublimation ink work on ?
Sublimations work best with 100% polyester, but they also work great with polyester blends.

Can you use sublimation ink on cotton ?
Yes, but they will not be as vibrant or robust as a poly blend. If you need to use cotton we recommend using a sublimation htv or GO FUZE™ Sublimation to Cotton Solution.

Can you mix different brands of sublimation ink in your printer ?
It's not recommended to mix sublimation inks from different brands. Each brand of sublimation ink has its own unique formula that is specifically designed to work with their printers and paper. Mixing different brands of sublimation ink can lead to issues with your printer and result in low-quality prints.