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Picture Dye Sublimation Blank  Printed Example

Picture Dye Sublimation Blank
How To:

Picture: 4x6” Gloss White HD Photo Dye Sublimation Blank

-First print out your design on your dye sublimation paper

-Lay a piece of kraft paper on your lower platen to avoid dye getting on your heat press

-Remove film on dye sublimation blank if there is any

-Position your design printed side down on the dye sublimation blank

-Use thermo tape to help ensure your design does not move during pressing. This will help prevent ghosting

-Set your heat press to 400° F and medium to hard pressure

-Press for 60-70 seconds

-Remove dye sublimation paper from your dye sub blank immediately

-WARNING it will be extremely hot

-If you’d like your blank to cool down faster move it to another surface. We usually use a handkerchief to avoid contact with the hot object on our hands