Siser Neon Glitter 20"


Add some NEON bling to your designs to stand out from the rest with Siser Neon Glitter! When using Siser Neon Glitter, you will get the most sparkle without all the shedding of glitter flakes on your hands! This is great for kids of all ages that love the shimmer look and it's safe to apply on their clothing too since it's CPSIA Certified. 

  • Textured feel
  • Works as embroidery applique
  • 20" width may vary 1/8-1" due to manufacturing process or color
  • Glitter can only be layered as top layer or inlay
  • Laser friendly
  • Approximately 325 Microns/12.8 Mils thick
  • Colors marked by * have limited opacity on dark colored garments and should be tested before applying
  • Note: Material may peel back from the liner. If this happens, we recommend smoothing it down prior to cutting
  • Material may vary in width by a 1/2" – 1" 
  • Not made for fine-cut designs
  • Composition: PU
  • The following colors have rainbow sparkles: Opaque Neon Pink, Opaque Neon Orange, Rainbow Yellow, Opaque Neon Yellow, Rainbow Lt. Green, Opaque Neon Green, Rainbow Aqua, Opaque Neon Blue, Opaque Neon Purple 
  • Accessories 

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20" Pricing:
1 yd roll = $13.30
5 yd roll = $64.00
10 yd roll = $115.00
25 yd roll = $279.99
50 yd roll = $540.00 Best Value
12" x 20" sheet = $5.50

12"x20" Sheet Pricing: Discounts are per color
1-4 sheets = $5.50/per sheet
5-14 sheets = $5.00/per sheet
15-74 sheets = $4.20/per sheet
75-149 sheets = $4.00/per sheet
150+ sheets = $3.80/per sheet

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