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  • KTM Mask

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    KTM Mask

    Price: $3.60 - $165.00

Rhinestones from Heat Transfer Warehouse are heat press hotfix rhinestones and can be purchased as loose stones, custom designs and we also offer many pre-made, ready to transfer designs. We offer 4 different size of Korean low-lead, hotfix rhinestones that sparkle and shine! These Hotfix rhinestones have a strong adhesive and are bright to be sure to shine on your garments! If you are looking for buying in bulk, we also offer bags to purchase to insure that you don't run out! Hotfix rhinestones are CSPIA certified which means it's allowed to use on children clothing. Premium Korean Low Lead Rhinestones contain an average of 30 ppm +/- 10 ppm of lead. If you are looking for pre-made rhinestone designs, we offer over 1000 different styles from sports, holidays, wedding and so much more! We also offer stock designs that you choose the color of the stone!