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Purple WALAPress Rock 15x15 Clamshell Heat Press

Was: $499.00
Now: $399.00


WALAPress Rock 15x15 Clamshell Heat Press

The WALAPress Rock 15x15 Clamshell Heat Press is a great beginners heat press! Perfect for any startup, home business, or hobbyist!

  • 15"x15" platen
  • 482° F max heat setting
  • Out of the box, temperature will be measured in Celsius. To change this to Fahrenheit, press the SET button for 5 seconds to switch between C and F, then press SET again for 5 seconds. 
  • 60 lbs.
  • 1200W Power
  • 110V Voltage
  • Pull out drawer
  • Interchangeable heat press pad
  • Digital time and temperature readout
  • Easily portable for bringing to craft shows, on-site events, etc.
  • Due to the size and weight of this item, minor cosmetic damage may occur during shipping. Please inspect and note any damage when receiving your press
  • User Manual 
  • For equipment returns, please view our Return Policy Page

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Purple - $499

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