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Heat Transfer Warehouse offers a wide range of heat press machines that best fits your business. We carry the best in the industry brands such as Hotronix, HIX, Siser Digital, and Geo Knight. All of these brands offer different sizes of heat presses from crafter heat press machines to top of the line industry heat presses for those big projects. One of our best selling heat presses are the Hotronix Craft Heat Press which is a smaller starter heat press and it's pink! This 9" x 12" heat press platen size is perfect for those crafting or as a second heat press for smaller projects. Another top seller is Geo Knight Swing Away and the Hotronix Fusion IQ. All of the heat press machines that we sell are high grade and top of the line. With full support and made with high quality materials, we will make sure that you get the best heat press machine for your business.  

When choosing your heat press machine also referred as T shirt press there are a few things you may need to consider before you make that key decision for your business and yes size matters. Do you pick that 9x12 crafters Hotronix Crafters heat press? Well if you are just pressing standard size garments and doing more hobby stuff, then that is the size for you. If you find yourself working on bigger projects then the next step would be to go with the 15x15 Hix Heat Press or Geo Knight Heat Press which will allow for easy pressing of 8 to 11 inches and bigger HTV. This will allow you to thread most of your garments on the lower platen which simplifies pressing. If you are still wanting to go bigger and want to have the ability to press really big sized HTV, then the Hotronix Auto Open 16x20 may be the answer for you.  If you want even more versatility and are thinking Dye Sublimation is in your future, then I would suggest the Hotronix Fusion IQ. Which allows that option of a drawer style or swing away. Now, the choice of auto open is purely preference of how attentive you want to be to your heat press machine and just don’t let the noise of it popping up scare you, ha ha ha!