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What Heat Transfer Vinyl Is Right For You?

What Heat Transfer Vinyl Is Right For You?

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Mar 30th 2020

    Last updated 3/26/2021

    You have a design in mind. You know what you want it to look like and what you want to put it on. So, what’s stopping you from bringing your design to life?

    We know that the number of heat transfer vinyl options out there can be overwhelming — and that’s what we’re here for. From deciding what product is right for your material type to providing you with the necessary tools to bring your design to life, we’ll help you navigate the ever-expanding inventory of heat transfer materials available.

    So, welcome to the heat transfer vinyl (HTV) mini-guide. Our experts have weighed in on how to choose the right heat transfer product for you. Let the creating begin!

    We couldn't include everything in here (it would be way too long). But hopefully this will give you a great place to start!

    Each product is linked to the product page on our website. For more information and application instructions, simply just click the product link!

    Low Temperature Universal HTV

    If you're looking for a vinyl that can adhere to nearly all materials(and at low temperatures), then look no further! We offer two great new products that are revolutionary to the garment decorating industry:

      Hotmark Revolution Low Temp

      • Will adhere to cotton, polyester, blends, nylon, and acrylics
      • Soft to the touch
      • 80 microns thick — for a lightweight feel
      • Flexible and stretchy wear
      • Light tack liner for easy weeding
      • Can layer
      • Offers semi-quick application, very low temperature pressing, and hot or cold peel
      • Low temperature application prevents pressure marks on various materials

      ThermoFlex Turbo Low Temp

      • 95 microns thick
      • Equipped with a special hotmelt for very fast application at low temperatures
      • Can layer (except for neons and metallics)
      • Easy to weed
      • Low temperature application prevents pressure marks on various materials
      • Matte finish
      • Warm peel only
      • Soft to the touch
      • Will adhere to cotton, polyester, blends, nylon, acrylics,spandex, lycra, vinyl, and genuine leather

      WALAKut Express

      • 90 micron thick
      • Matte finish
      • Layerable
      • Has a sticky liner
      • Can be applied anywhere from 250-302 F for 5 seconds. 

      Siser EasyWeed vs. ThermoFlex Plus

      We often say treat Siser EasyWeed and ThermoFlex Plus like Coke and Pepsi! They are very similar, yet have their own unique differences. Can't decide which one to choose? Let us help — we'll break down the differences below.

      Siser EasyWeed

      ThermoFlex Plus


      • Semi-Gloss
      • Metallic (EasyWeed Electrics)
      • True Matte
      • Metallic (ThermoFlex Metallics)

      Colors Available

      • Standard = 50
      • Electrics = 24
      • Fluorescents = 8
      **number of colors are subject to change**
      • Standard = 62
      • Metallics = 5
      • Neons = 6
      **number of colors are subject to change**

      Widths Available

      • 15 inch
      • 20 inch
      • 30 inch
      • 15 inch
      • 20 inch
      • 30 inch


      90 Microns 100 Microns

      Adhering Materials

      100% Cotton, 100 % Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends, Leather, Neoprene Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends, Polyester/Acrylic blends, Linen, Wool, Lycra, Spandex, Neoprene


      Yes Yes

      **Columbia Blue and Metallics are top layer only**

      Pressing Temperature

      305° F 330° F

      Pressing Time

      10 - 15 seconds 15 seconds

      Pressing Pressure

      Medium, even pressure Medium, even pressure


      • Standard = Hot or Cold
      • Electrics = Hot or Cold
      • Fluorescents = Hot
      • Standard = Warm or Cold. **Light Blue Cold Only**
      • Metallics = Warm or Cold
      • Neons = Cold

      Check out our YouTube video comparing Siser EasyWeed and ThermoFlex Plus:

      Siser EasyWeed and ThermoFlex also include other variations:

      **The specifications for these are not identical to the information in the table above.**

      The following stretch materials are great for personalizing all things active wear! Both EasyWeed Stretch and ThermoFlex Stretch are a matte finish, are extra stretchy, and will adhere to spandex!

      Siser EasyWeed Stretch - A stretchable version of EasyWeed that comes in a matte finish

      ThermoFlex Stretch

       - A stretchable version of ThermoFlex Plus

      Siser EasyWeed Extra (Nylon) - A version of EasyWeed that can adhere to nylon 

      ThermoFlex Xtra (nylon) - A version of ThermoFlex Plus that can adhere to nylon

      • It is very important to note that both standard EasyWeed and ThermoFlex Plus cannot adhere to nylon and and other heat-sensitive materials. However, that is why EasyWeed Extra and ThermoFlex Xtra exist! At 85 microns thick, EasyWeed Extra offers a semi-gloss finish and can be layered. ThermoFlex Xtra is a little thicker at 100 microns, and some colors will not layer. Overall, both of these are great options for pressing on nylon and other heat-sensitive materials!

      ThermoFlex Glossy - A version of ThermoFlex Plus that offers a glossy finish

      • ThermoFlex Glossy is great for those special designs that require a little something extra. This high gloss material is 100 microns thick and offers the same great durability as ThermoFlex Plus. This material will not layer.

      Click here to view all Siser EasyWeed Products: EasyWeed

      Click here to view all ThermoFlex Plus Products: ThermoFlex


      • If you’re looking to enhance or personalize your performance wear, try a thin, stretchy vinyl like Siser EasyWeed Stretch or ThermoFlex Stretch. Siser EasyWeed Stretch is 90 microns thick and can be layered. ThermoFlex Stretch is a little thicker at 100 microns thick. Just like regular ThermoFlex, it has a matte finish. Unlike Siser EasyWeed Stretch, this will not layer. Both of these vinyls will adhere to spandex materials.
      • WALAKut-Soft 12" and WALAKut Express 12" both offer flexibility and stretchability as well. WALAKut-Soft is a very thin vinyl at only 50 microns thick. It has smooth, soft finished feel and wear, and it can layer! WALAKut-Quick is named after it's quick pressing time of 5 seconds. It is 80 microns thick and can layer. Note that this vinyl not ideal for small detailed cuts.

      What better way to spark your creativity then by adding some sparkle!? If you're looking for glitter, then look no further — we've got you covered.

      • Our most popular glitter by far is our HTV Textured Glitter such as Siser Glitter and GlitterFlex Ultra. These are all high-quality glitter heat transfer vinyls with a textured feel. At approximately 325 microns thick, all of these can only be layered as the top level layer or used in an inlay. Please note that these are not made for fine-cut designs. These are traditionally offered in 20" width; however, we offer some of our most popular colors in a 12" width.
      • If you're looking for a stretchable glitter, then our Galaxy Stretchable Glitter is for you! This vinyl offers a semi-textured finish and varies between 140-200 microns thick. It will adhere to cotton, polyester, acrylics and similar fabrics. 
      • Metal Flake is a smooth finish glitter that is approximately 110 microns thick. This will not layer, however it can adhere to nylon!
      • Siser Sparkle is another smooth finish glitter that is 120 microns thick and has the unique ability to layer! For more information on this material, check out our blog "All About Siser Sparkle".
      • DecoSPARKLE - Hologramphic and Siser Holographic are unique smooth glitter options that offer a great holographic finish. This creates stunning reflective rainbow effects that can be used for faux rhinestones! At approximately 110 microns thick, this will not stretch or layer.
      • For smooth and subtle glitter options, we offer Siser Twinkle which is available in both 10" and 20" widths.

      For Your Sporty Needs

      • If you’re looking for a vinyl that can apply onto mesh jerseys for football, hockey or any other sport, then ThermoFlex Economy Sports will work wonders. The durable, thick film (90 microns) works to bridge the gaps in open-mesh athletic jerseys and comes in a variety of colors.


      • Wild Fashion Prints are pre-printed transfer materials that offer a variety of designs such as animal and camouflage prints. These vary from 50-170 microns thick. Oh, and these can layer!
      • FashionFLEX are pre-printed patterns that offer a slight textured look and feel. These are 90 microns thick and can layer as well.


      • Deco-Film Brilliants give an ideal metallic look with a brilliant chrome finish. Get the look of precious metals with this! At 110 microns thick, this will not stretch or layer.
      • Deco-Film Soft Metallics offers a smooth and soft metallic finish. It is stretchable and very durable. Available in 12" and 20".
      • EasyWeed Electric comes in a 15" width and provides a unique take on a metallic finish with a opalescent sheen. It is only 90 microns thick and can be layered.
      • DecoFilm Brilliants are a great way to add a very shiny metallic look. These colors all boast a mirror-like chrome finish. Brilliants will not stretch or layer and is 110 microns thick.
      • DecoFilm Brilliant Chameleon is unique material with a chrome finish like DecoFilm Brilliants but also a color changing quality similar to a holographic material. This is 100 microns thick and will not stretch or layer but you can sublimate to it!
      • WALAKut Metallics is a metallic/pearl finish with a low temp application.

For a look at all of our metallic options, check out our blog  "Comparing Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyls"


      • Chemica UpperFlock is a soft velvet made up of thick fibers. It's 600 microns thick! Easy to weed and can layer!

      • Siser StripFlock Pro offers a great alternative to embroidery. It gives logos a raised, textured, suede-like feel. It is 410 microns thick, can layer, and is available in both 12" and 15" widths.