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RHINESTONES 101: How to Make a Rhinestone Transfer

RHINESTONES 101: How to Make a Rhinestone Transfer

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Oct 23rd 2019

It may seem intimidating to think about creating a rhinestone design, even for those of you seasoned in heat transfer designs. Rhinestone designs are a bit more complex, but that’s what you have us for! Today, we’re going to teach you how to create a simple rhinestone design – start to finish. (If you try this, make sure you Instagram us a picture of your creation!)

What will you need?

Once you have your design prepared, you’re ready to begin.

Step 1.

Load your flock in the cutter (face up).

Step 2.

Export your design to your preferred cutting software and send to your cutter. Normally, template flock is cut at at a heavier pressure and uses a 60 degree blade.

Step 3.

Peel the flock from its liner. This will reveal the holes from your cutter, which will act as your stone placements.

Step 4.

Place the flock (sticky side down) on your template board.

Step 5.

Pour rhinestones on your board and gently brush the rhinestones across your design until they each have a spot in one of the stone placement holes. (A number of stones will probably fall upside down, so a tweezer may be needed to pick them up and get them in place.)

Step 6.

Now that your stones are in place, grab your KTM (rhinestone transfer) mask and peel it off its liner. Place it (carefully!) on top of the rhinestone design.

Step 7.

Apply firm pressure across the entire design to ensure that the rhinestones stick. For smaller designs, you can use your hand; however, for larger designs. We’d recommend a squeegee like the one shown below.

Step 8.

Peel the mask away from the flock in a smooth motion. If you aren’t ready to press your design, place the mask back on its liner and save until you’re ready to press. If you are ready to press, go to the next step.

Step 9.

Place your design on the garment and press at 305 degrees for 10-15 seconds.

And you’re done! Congratulations – you’ve officially created your own rhinestone-embellished garment. Time to show it off!

(PS. We were so excited about rhinestones that we made more than one design; if you want something a little more simple, try creating a rhinestone pocket!)