Thu. Feb 12, 2015 in Tutorials & DIY Goodies

If you’re not entirely sure what dye sublimation is, let us give you a brief explanation.

Dye sub transferring is a form of heat transfer process that allows you to take a digital image, print it on a sublimation printer and press it onto a garment. You must use sublimation ink, which uses a continuous-tone technology; prints are typically dry and ready to handle as soon as you remove them from the printer. This process can be used on a variety of products, from t-shirts to coasters. And, make sure that whatever product you choose to sublimate is 100% polyester. Polyester is the only material the dye sublimation inks ‘adhere’ to.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on to a basic dye sublimation glitter tutorial. This tutorial will sublimate the entire sheet of glitter first, then cut the desired design. This process is best used in bulk order situations. If you wish to make a more detailed dye sublimation glitter design, check out our other blog post for a slightly different process.

What Will You Need?

If you’re still unsure of where to start, check out one of our sublimation printer starter kits.

Step 1.

With your dye sub printer, print your design or pattern. For this project, we chose a simple gradient.

Step 2.

Press your pattern or design onto your dye sub glitter. Make sure your glitter is face up.

Step 3.

After pressing your pattern for 30 seconds at 390 degrees, you’re ready to take your glitter to the cutter.

Step 4.

Place your glitter (glitter side up) in the cutter. Cut your design right reading (not mirrored).

Step 5.

After cutting is complete, it’s time to weed and remove your design from the carrier sheet. There is no mask that will be strong enough to lift the sublimated glitter, so you will need to place each design piece onto the garment by hand. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to press.

(*Tip: keep your designs simple and large to make this step easier.)

Step 6.

Place your design on your garment, cover with a Teflon or craft sheet and press on medium pressure at 330-335 degrees (F). Press for approximately 15 seconds. Remove the liner (you can peel either warm or cool).

Finished Product

And you’re done! In six easy steps, you’ve created a beautiful glitter product — and we’d love to see it. Head to our FB page and post a picture of your finished product.